Male Massage Fort Lauderdale

Male Massage Fort Lauderdale by Rob. Hey guys, I have a special daytime rate that runs 7-days-a-week of $60/hr if you come to me until 8pm. I am available for outcalls to your location as well for an additional fee dependent on how far you are from me. If you are in Wilton Manors, I do NOT charge an outcall fee! After 8pm my rate goes up slightly at an additional $15/hr. 

I advertise in other places where I have reviews dating back 8+ years to the present, so I have pasted some of those reviews onto the main page. ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME THROUGH THIS SYSTEM. Please call or text me as at (954) 668-3253 asI will not receive your email in time.

Male massage Fort Lauderdale by Rob. Come melt and unwind on my table, greatly improving your quality of life by significantly reducing pain and stress. Whether you are seeking relief from pain and/or stress, I can accomplish it all for you. 

Male massage Fort Lauderdale by Rob. My massage is Swedish based, with Deep Tissue, and Reflexology combined on a table with some sensual elements. If you’ve ever had Reflexology work before, you may agree that it was one of the more relaxing experiences that you ever had. You may even have FORGOTTEN that you were having a massage. Or perhaps you awakened on the table not knowing where you were for a brief moment. For most, Reflexology has a propensity toward an incredibly relaxed state of mind. For many, a sort of “in and out” of a dreamlike state. And for the lucky and few, a near “out of body experience”.

I work on a Pisces Productions High Quality Massage Table. Male massage Fort Lauderdale by Rob, Isn’t it time?